Safety signage functions to promote the safety and health of all individuals on a construction site. They benefit every type of job site, including ground-up build projects, refurbishments and demolitions.

Signs come in a variety of types, such as access, warning, hazard, prohibition, and vehicle signs. Additionally, health and safety signage is also a great help at outdoor events where temporary signs are needed to restrict the use of tobacco products, to oversee and control access for vehicles and pedestrians, and to supply directions to various amenities.

Examples of usage includes fire exits, assembly areas and first aid facilities.Other signage options include designated fire exits, no smoking area and first aid signs that may be installed permanently within a structure or outdoor area. All signs are ISO 7010 compliant, providing confidence for businesses that all current standards are adhered to.

Scaffolds may need to be built and used, utility connections might not be completed, heavy machines are constantly on the go, and construction is ongoing. All pose a risk to every person present on the site, therefore safety signs are needed to minimise the risks.

Construction signs are placed on the site to provide information to workers and visitors, to ensure health and safety practices are implemented and adhered to, and to ensure the site operates smoothly at all times. The signs found on a construction site vary by the work being carried out and may include hazard, information, safety, smoking, safety clothing (PPE), and fire signs.

The signs may be found at the site entrance and at various other locations across the site to ensure all visitors and workers are informed as to the risks present on the site and how to reduce the risk of a work-related incident.

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